More Jimmy Two-Shoes Fan art. This time with Fan Characters

Here's the last bits of "Jimmy Two-Shoes" Fan Art from me.

Now, keep in mind that this is FAN -BASED theories.

Ok. Here we go.

There might be JtS (Jimmy two-shoes) fans out there that may want to know why Jimmy moved to Miseryville. Here's my answer... He has two vicious, wicked, torturous cousins. Named...

THE TWO-SHOE TWINS! *eerie music*

Johnnie and Jannie Two-shoes to be exact.

Here's their picture.

And now... "The Origin of How Jimmy Came to Miseryville"
Name: The Two- Shoe Twins.

Boy: Johnnie Two-Shoes

Girl: Jannie Two-Shoes

Occupation: Twin cousins of Jimmy Two-Shoes, and his worst nightmare beyond nightmares. They'd give Heloise a run for her money too.

If you people thought the ice Cream from "The Product Tester", and pickles from "Rear Pickle" would cause Jimmy misery... you'd be wrong on the ice cream, and wrong on the pickles too (Pickles are what he fears. Not cause him misery). The thing that would send Mr. Two-Shoes repeatedly to the emergency room , would be these two. According to Wiki, it said that Jimmy's parent's are never seen or mentioned.So... why not give him a family? Starting with these two. You see...( THIS IS NOT CANON) before Jimmy moved to Miseryville, these guys would cause him chaos from sun up to sun down. From lacing his under wear with hot sauce, to tricking him in drinking Nitro Glycerin.They are in reality (fan reality) the ONLY thing that really makes him miserable. Jimmy, having finally had enough, moves to Miseryville and has been happy there ever since. That is... Until a bus stops in front of his house, dropping off two figures. *evil laugh*

^ this came from the pic's description on Deviant Art. <- I was testing out another idea to see if they two should've been three. Triplets. (left) On the other side, facial expressions and poses. (top right and lower right.) Mean little buggers aren't they? Oh. and they aren't your stereotypical bratty,spoiled type of kids. These guys are very crafty,sneaky, and REALLY good actors. They would torture Jimmy cause they love as a family member. And they find it fun. Jimmy how ever would say other wise.

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