Introducing....GEORGE AND LOUIS

Let me give you a bit of history on these dogs of mine.

From the beginning, they were a pair of nameless dogs , and were originally a doodle I've done on some note book paper.

Before they were named, George and Louis were a pair of nameless dogs, and Louis (the big brown dog at first had a black ear.)

Thanks to some encouragement from some friends, I've continued to expand on these hounds of hilarity.

For a while they were a duo. Until... One day while i was watching a video I've taped of the old "Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show", and a "What a Cartoon featuring "Sledgehammer O'Possum", I pulled out my pencil and came up with another character to be that of a support character,but soon became a major character. His name is Alex O'Possum.That's right.He's a possum. NOT a mouse,cat or rat.

Now the duo's a trio. :). But, you won't find them on any TV show or in any major comic book. Ok.. Maybe not in a comic book, BUT you can read my first "George and Louis" comic here. - My first comic featuring something original that I've done. Sorry folks. Not published anywhere.

For more works of "George and Louis", just visit my DA page, go to "Gallery" look to your left, and find the folder "George and Louis". Until then, I'll see you later. ;D

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