Jimmy Two -Shoes set with a parody of the Bonkers theme song

Jimmy Two-Shoes "Bonkers Theme song parody".

Line one rough draft: Once upon a time in MiseryVille, Lucious had it all. Fortune and Fame, causing pain. Until a boy came to call.

Second (first line) draft: Before he came to Miseryville, this kid once had it all. Until one day his cousins came. Making him go through the wall.

Now he makes a living down town. Strutting to his own beat. With friends like Beezy,Cerbi,and Heloise; get ready to laugh right out of your seat.

Who's that kid?
Laughing all the time?
Having so much fun?
Even though Lucious says it's a crime.

(Caribbean Beat)

He is Jimmy!

Yeah Totally Nuts.


No if's, and's or buts.


He's gonna lose control.
Run for cover, there he goes. Oh No!


Miseryville's more out of control.
Now he's caught in a trap. Is he gonna snap?
No way.He's not even takin' the wrap.
Cause you can't hose him down,
he's such a clown.
Seeking every thrill.
Cause he's

Jimmy Two-Shoes
Jimmy Two-Shoes
Jimmy Two-Shoes
of Miseryville.

The reason why there are two first verses, it's because I couldn't decide which one sounded better. So I went with both

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