Peter Puppy Jr. and Buddy Boy

Years ago, back when Eartworm Jim became a tv show, I really dug the character Peter Puppy.I've drawn about billions of pictures of him back in my olden art days. Even gave him a sidekick as well. Buddy the Boy. When I first developed buddy boy, I drew him in that he greatly resembled "Nightmare Ned". An Old Disney 90's cartoon. After while, i"ve stopped doing Earthworm Jim fan art. Until now. Peter's back, but it's not the Peter Puppy that you lucky people know.

This description is taken from my deviant art post

Years after Peter Puppy left to join Earthworm Jim, Peter's 600 puppies tried to fend for themselves. Sadly, only a scarce few survived. Of the few was the smallest of the puppies, whom was pink like peter ( video game peter), but with a white underbelly. His name...Pete Jr. Though he make look like his dad, he doesn't possess the ability to transform in to a monster. (Which isn't a bad thing. Especially for Jim) PJ (re used but calssic), was once taken in by a group of Earth scientist, to be studied. One of the experiments happened to be a collar. But not just an ordinary collar. This collar is very much like Earthworm Jim's suit. It gave strength, intelligence, and is able to make Jillian Fries!
Any way,before they could try it out, Evil the Cat busted into the labs, and attacked. Trying to steal the collar for himself, but to no avail. The collar and Pete Jr were blasted off into space, and vanished into another dimension. Feeling safe at last, the puppy set sail towards new adventures, and perhaps a better life style.
While cosmic cruising, he happened upon a human boy; whom for a moment looked seemingly defenseless, named Buddy. But that soon changed seeing as how Buddy had the exact same ability to turn into a monster just like his pop, who can also be made to laugh to return to normal. (Just think of it as the Peabody & Sherman concept gone horribly wrong. In a funny way.) Buddy, having no place to go; joined PJ on his travels. Even though PJ did get badly mauled,bruised and scuffed along the way.
As for Buddy's origins,he started out life as a drawing, that was accidentally sucked into a vacuum cleaner; leading to Evil's lair. And you know the rest if you've watched the Earthworm Jim episode "The Origin of Peter Puppy".

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