Salem-Cat of Many Coats

First of all, let me apologize for not posting here in ages. Does anyone remember Salem from the "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" series? If not, here's the jist. He was once an all powerful warlock, until he got turned into a puddy tat (cat) by the witches console for world domination. BUT... back then in the old classical Archie comics, he didn't talk. he was just an ordinary cat.With a magic tail. The image has Salem in the following coats.

1. 70's "The Archies" cartoon version
2. The new manga "Sabrina" fur coat.
3. (down right) From (what I think) "Josie and Pussy Cats" comics
4. The Salem from the 90's "Sabrina the animated Series" sans the yellow green corneas. In "Sabrina's Secret Life" his pupils are yellow.

Vocal Trivia: In "Sabrina the Animated Series", Salem was voiced by 'Nick Bakay'. The same person who voiced Salem in the Sabrina live action series starring Melissa Joan Hart. In the spin-0ff series "Sabrina's Secret Life" he's voiced by Maruice LeMarche. Which is kind of odd.Well... Maybe not too odd.

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